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InShade conservatory sail blinds

The Best Way to Keep your Conservatory Cool

InShade sail blinds are perfect for any roof style or shape and our exclusive high performance ISX fabric is the only way to control the heat while maintaining the benefits of a glass roof. Visit our 360 tour to see the sails in action then find out what recent customers think by reading the reviews below.

The Best of Both Worlds

InShade sail blinds control heat and glare while retaining all the benefits of a glazed roof. Made in the UK our exclusive high performance solar control fabric was designed specifically for this application and will work with all roof types. InShade sails control the heat while keeping the space bright and open.

Developed specifically for conservatories by a UK technical textiles mill our high performance fabric yields amazing results, reflecting more than 70% of the heat and fully eliminating glare. This makes your space significantly cooler while the special construction filters lots of diffuse sunlight to keep it feeling bright and open.

The performance of our ISX fabric is so good that you may only need to shade the south facing side of your conservatory. Speak to one of our experts to find out the best solution for you.

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Conservatory Roof Shade Sails

Tailored to suit you

We offer a truly unique design service that puts you in control. Guided by one of our experts you will be able to log in to our computers to see how your sail design will work, what it will look like and exactly what it will cost.

Our start a design button will guide you through a few simple steps that will allow us to build a model of you conservatory, create an initial sail design that meets you needs and provide a budget cost. And that’s when the fun starts, our free design service then puts you in control, log in to our computers and work with one of experts to get exactly the design you want, they will guide you every step of the way as you make the changes you want and see the results instantly - With each change you will see how this affects the performance, look and cost of the design and our expert will provide advice and support every step of the way. An average session takes 30-40 mins, we provide the expert and you control the design and the price!

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Bespoke Conservatory Roof Blinds

The UK's best supplier

The only shade sail supplier accredited by the British Blinds and Shutters Association (BBSA). Why use a BBSA member?

  1. Our specially developed ISX fabric is simply the best performing solar control fabric available, it outperforms all of the fabrics we use in our commercial jobs and any fabric available from our suppliers.
  2. The air in your conservatory roof can get, really hot, so to make sure it was up to the job we tested it to 90 degrees centigrade – hotter than the maximum temperature ever recorded in any desert in the world!
  3. For an environment this harsh you only want the best so the fabric is made and finished in the UK by one of the best technical textile mills in the country. We then test every batch of fabric to make sure it is at least twice as good as BS5867-1 requires it to be.
  4. And finally every sail is designed by us, cut on a computer controlled cutting table to your exact dimensions and then hand finished by skilled men and women with decades of experience.
  1. We have the experience - We conceived the concept of conservatory sail blinds more than 10 years ago and have supplied thousands of conservatories with effective sail designs
  2. We have the knowledge - We understand the solar performance of fabrics and how to use that to control the issues you have.
  3. We have the passion - Our designers are experts driven to create solutions that work effectively and look amazing.
  4. We love technology when it makes our live simple - Our state of the art design software lets us try design variations quickly and simply so that we can see what will work best in each space.
  5. You make it what you want - Our interactive process means you drive the solution, guided by an expert to get the best possible design for you.

There is simply one reason because we all love the solutions we create and we want you to love them too.

UK No. 1 supplier

InShade - the best way to control heat gain and glare

InShade is the best way to control heat gain and glare yet with a budget range of £1k - £3k for a typical full roof solution costs less than most other options. Go to 'start your design' now to see layouts and get a budget cost for your conservatory.

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