We began making commercial fabric structures in 2002.

We were an academic start-up keen on bringing new technologies to market, supplying sails to outdoor spaces of all sizes, from Pizza Express to the Beijing Olympics. Our customers kept asking us to put the sails up indoors, so in 2007 our engineers perfected a solution to meet indoor requirements for controlling heat and glare. The result was InShade - an elegant, indoor sail with an innovative, patented edge that keeps the fabric smooth and taut.

Today, as the original sail blind supplier, we help reclaim unused space in homes throughout the UK. For conservatories in particular, trapped heat and glare issues can make these lovely spaces too uncomfortable to enjoy. InShade eliminates glare and reduces heat by up to 74%. Our customers like its easy maintenance and other benefits not found in traditional roof blinds.

InShade is the only solution that matches the beauty of the conservatory setting. The right solution for you begins with a convenient, service-centred consultation involving three quick steps.

  • First, we have a chat with you about how you want to use your space.
  • Second, our team builds a technical model based on your requirements.
  • Third, you and our designer refine and finalise your solution together using an interactive, online visualisation tool to ensure you get the exact look and feel that you want.

For help & information please call us on 01786 450083

Here's an example showing one of our customers before and after we've fitted one of our designs.
How it looked before we were contacted:
Our design showing how it will look:
After we've fitted our sail blinds: