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Reviews from recent InShade sail blind customers

We love hearing from our happy customers and publish all the reviews and feedback for our conservatory shade sails on TrustPilot and on our own website. As well as the quality of our product, we also pride ourselves on the quality of service we offer, from your initial contact with us, through the design stages and on to the delivery of your new conservatory shade sails.  See some of our most recent reviews on TrustPilot.  

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Styling Your Conservatory

With modern life creating the demand for more space at home, it’s no surprise that adding a conservatory to your home is one of the most popular forms of home improvement.  They can often be added without planning permission and are usually quick to install with minimal disruption.   

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Conservatory shade sail - Design of the Month

Our conservatory shade sail Design of the month features the installation commissioned by Mrs Forward who contacted one of our recently appointed InShade Blinds Resellers, Nigel Hogg at Curtaincraft who are based in Danehill in Sussex. Mrs Forward wanted a new fresh look for her Conservatory roof as she has previously made her own conservatory shading solution which was starting to look a bit tired.

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Conservatory sail blinds customer reviews

Here at Shadeplus we pride ourselves on providing a service which is second to none, from your initial enquiry, right through to final installation of your finished conservatory sail blinds, our expert designers are on hand to design the perfect solution for your space. Click through to see what our previous customers have said about us.


Just how hot can your conservatory get?

Just how hot can your conservatory get?  The answer to that question is very, very hot!  In fact, when the sun is shining, it is possible for the temperature at the top of your conservatory to get to a staggering 70 degrees centigrade which is hotter than the surface temperature of the hottest desert on the planet.  

Conservatory Sail Product safety information

A number of products in the InShade sail blinds range use an innovative fabric called Trevira CS.  Trevira CS fabric is inherently flame retardant, in that the fibres of the fabric itself are uniquely structured and the flame retardant properties are literally woven into the fabric itself...

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A great new commercial shade sail installation keeps office workers cool!

We have recently completed the blinds manufacture for a large commercial installation, supplied for a partner reseller – Gower SailShades. 


July's Conservatory Shade Sail Design of the Month

Mr & Mrs Cotton contacted Shadeplus following the installation of their new lean-to style conservatory.  The primary issue they wanted to address was the excessive glare in the room.

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Advantages of InShade conservatory sail blinds over traditional blinds (Part 3)

One of the benefits of a conservatory is the flexibility of the design possibilities, there are so many options when it comes to shape and size that it is possible to fit one into almost any setting.  

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Advantages of InShade conservatory sail blinds over traditional blinds (Part 2)

Step into the light!   Most conservatory manufacturers sell you the idea of a conservatory as a light filled space, a haven of relaxation, somewhere to entertain family and friends, fuss free way to add extra space to your home.

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June's Conservatory Shade Sail Design of the Month

June’s Design of the Month was completed for Mrs Fowler from Aberdeenshire.  Mrs Fowler contacted Shade Plus because she was looking to change her existing pleated roof blinds to something more practical.


Take a 360 degree tour of a conservatory with InShade sail blinds fitted.

We have added a 360 degree tour of two recent InShade installations to our website, in our opinion, the only effective way to control heat whilst maintaining the benefits of a glass roof.  

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Advantages of InShade conservatory sail blinds over Traditional blinds (Part 1)

Pleated blinds are one of the most common solutions to the problems of excessive heat and glare in conservatories, but we think that there is a better way.  Our conservatory roof blinds are specifically designed for use in a conservatory and offer exceptional solar protection.

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New Customer conservatory blinds Installation

At ShadePlus we pride ourselves on the quality of our service as well as manufacturing a product which we believe is the best solution available to excessive conservatory heat, so it's always great to have happy customers, returning customers are even better!


We are approaching our ten year anniversary!

Our market leading shade sails were initially developed for commercial applications.  The first application was as a solution to glare in a specific area of the double height, fully glazed foyer.  Following the development of a highly effective solar reflective fabric, a patent application was lodged on the 15th of May 2006 for a stretch fabric ‘shade sail’ and the first ever installation of what would eventually become our ‘InShade sails’ was at Aston University Birmingham on the 22nd June 2006.

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New Installation Video

We have added a new installation tutorial video to our YouTube channel

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Mrs Pitman's new conservatory shade sails

'We are so pleased with our sails. They look absolutely amazing and suit the new conservatory perfectly.

Ordering could not have been easier. The ShadePlus team spent plenty of time making sure that our order was exactly right before manufacture. They were so helpful in advising about the design and colour, we were confident that what we would get would be perfect. And it was!

I can't rate ShadePlus highly enough'.

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Stunning Custom Black Conservatory Shade Sails

We love the finished look of this custom Conservatory roof blinds installation in stunning black.  

Ongoing Maintenance of your conservatory shade sails

Ease of maintenance was one of the key factors in designing our blinds, machine washable at 30 degrees and super simple to take down and put up again, you'll never need to look at dead flies again!

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Conservatories top list of best value home improvements

With some estimates saying that the return on investment from adding a conservatory to your home is up to a whopping 108%, it’s no wonder that so many homeowners take this route to adding more space to their property.  

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A high tech solution to the low tech problem of excessive heat in your conservatory...

Our innovative fabrics have been developed specifically for use in UK conservatories to reduce heat build up and glare.  Read more about their technical properties...