Fabric Development

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Despite the inherent advantages of using stretch fabric sails to provide shade we soon realised that the extreme temperatures found in UK domestic conservatories set a challenge that could not be met by any of the conventional stretch fabrics available on the market.

This is why, working in conjunction with a UK technical textile mill, we designed and created our own fabric- the ISX fabric; the UK’s first stretch fabric to be completely made from polyester and specifically engineered to perform fully in a domestic conservatory space.

The key benefit of having a stretch fabric made fully from polyester is that there are no perishables in the fabric. This is important because the elastane found in other stretch fabrics can react very poorly to exposure from UV rays. This can result in discolouration, loss of strength and the fabric losing its elasticity as the fibres fail due to UV exposure. By engineering the ISX fabric to be fully made from polyester we are able to supply a product that can deal with the harsh exposure of direct sunlight and the heat it generates without failing over the course of the fabrics life.