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InShade the original sail blind

InShade sail blinds are a modern and effective way of controlling heat gain and glare in any glazed space. Our sail blinds are both versatile and effective, whilst their simple design compliments the style and dimensions of almost any space. InShade provides the solar control you need while maintaining a light filled space with an open feel and views of the sky.

Heat Gain

InShade sails are designed and manufactured in the UK using a unique solar control fabric developed specifically to reduce heat gain. Traditional commercial roller and pleated blind fabrics reduce heat gain by blocking almost all of the light. Our fabrics have a unique 3 dimensional structure and trilobal fibres to block the harsh power of the sun while allowing lots of natural light to filter through.

Our unique ISX fabric reflects as much heat as the best solar control blind fabric while still allowing more than twice as much natural light to be defused through the fabric, so you stay cool on the hottest days and won’t need artificial lighting even on overcast days.


For a lot of commercial spaces the main problem is glare. Acres of glass in large atriums and large lightweight ETFE roofs allow the sun to stream through. This creates bright welcoming spaces on overcast days but on sunny days it can become uncomfortable. Receptionists need to wear sun glasses and is simply too bright to work efficiently.

InShade sail blinds can completely change this, limiting peak light levels, eliminating direct glare and creating the type of mixed lighting that enhances your working environment. Our expert designers can create the right balance of sun and shade to allow you to enjoy your work space every day. They will tailor the solution to the way you want to use this space and we can build in the flexibility to shift this balance should you want to use the space differently in the future.


The current design trend is to replace carpets, curtains and soft furnishings with modern, crisp and easy to clean surfaces. The result is a refreshing new look with many benefits. However, there is one very real draw back that can make these spaces uncomfortable when busy, noise levels quickly become a challenge and it can be difficult to carry out a normal conversation.

Hard sound reflective surfaces like glass, concrete and wood cause speech sounds to overlap each other, resulting in noisy, unintelligible sound. The low tension levels in stretch fabric sail blinds allows the fabric to significantly reduce the sound reflected off of hard surfaces, softening the space and preventing echo.

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