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Roof Blinds – Orangeries

In many ways a modern Orangery is the ultimate indoor/outdoor living space. Often built with modern insulation, under floor heating and heat reflective glass. Orangeries can be used as year round rooms with a real connection to the outdoors.

InShade Orangery roof blinds can further enhance the style and comfort of your Orangery. Our unique solar control fabric reflects the intense heat of the summer sun while bathing your space in soft diffuse light. And because our fabric allows more than twice as much diffused light, as traditional blinds, to filter through, this means your space won’t feel dark even on overcast days.

InShade - Simple elegant roof blinds for orangeries
The modern effective solution to shade for your orangery

Free Design Service

Whether you’re looking for a traditional or modern design or experts will create a bespoke orangery roof blind configuration that matches your space and style perfectly, further enhancing the beauty of your orangery and your enjoyment of this wonderful space.

Taking the first step – InShade is the only solution you can fit yourself, if you own a tape measure and a pencil you can work directly with one of our designers to get the perfect solution before deciding if you want to go down the DIY route or use one of our local suppliers to install the sails. To take advantage of our free design service simply fill in the online design survey tool and one of our designers will get back to you to discuss your requirements, provide you with a budget cost and to arrange an online design session.

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Benefits include:

  • A subtle solution that suits both traditional and modern styles.
  • A unique solar-efficient fabric reflects 70% of the heat, keeping it cool and shaded without being dark
  • Reflects radiant heat and indoor lighting to make it feel cosy in the winter
  • Sail blinds can be easily unhooked, machine washed and stored when not in use

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