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 InShade Roof Blinds

InShade blinds are the simple, modern and effective way to control heat and glare in any glazed space – get your conservatory ready for summer!

Unlike pleated roof blinds, our modern blinds reflect the heat you don’t want while retaining the light you do. They are also machine washable so they are easy to clean.

The original sail blind, designed and manufactured in the UK from a solar control fabric, with stainless steel fittings (no plastic parts) and backed by an industry leading 5 year warranty.


The modern alternative to pleated roof blinds
Roof blinds that are quick and easy to install yourself

Designed for DIY Installation

Our roof blinds are designed for easy DIY installation.

Our design team will create a roof blind solution tailored to your space and how you want to use it.

With our help installation is quick and simple and comes with a sure fit guarantee.

No home visits are required, full roof solutions start from just £1500 and our standard manufacturing time is just 2 weeks for a fully bespoke high performance solution.

Our roof blinds can also be installed for you – we have a UK wide network of partners that can measure and install the sail blinds for you. You can find a local supplier by visiting InShade or just call us and we will recommend a local company to help you .

Whichever route you choose we are here to make sure you get the best possible roof blind solution for you.

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How much will my sail blind solution cost? 

Traditional roof blinds are designed to work in simple square vertical windows, so when you try to make them work in shaped roof panels the added complication makes them significantly more expensive and also prone to problems. The truth is that effective roof blind solutions are not cheap and cheap solutions are neither effective or durable.

However, InShade sail blinds were designed specifically for complex roof glazing, so while not cheap, this makes InShade Sail Blinds the most solar effective and cost effective solution on the market. Apart from size of your space, the main factors affecting cost are:

buy now pay later interest free finance for DIY roof blinds
Number of sails

The same roof will cost more if you want to create a more intricate design with multiple sails. A simple two sail design is minimalist and will do a great job of controlling heat and glare while a multi-sail design with perhaps 5 sails or more will create interesting patterns of light and shadow and will enhance the quality of the natural light within the space. More sails = more parts, materials and manufacturing and this equals a 20 – 40% increase in cost for an intricate design.

Go custom everything
Remember everything we sell is already of a premium quality and your sails will be made to your custom size and design but if you want a totally unique solution we can make you a roll of fabric in any colour you want or powder coat your stainless steel fittings to match any paint chip or RAL. We do all of these on a regular basis but of course they cost a bit more.
Amount of coverage

Our ISX fabric is so effective you may not need to cover the whole roof especially if you have roof vents. Unlike traditional roof blinds (pleated and roller) partial sail blind solutions look great and cost less. Once we have details about your space we will let you know how much of the roof you should cover.  If you cover half the roof it will cost half as much.

DIY installation
Time is money so when you see free fitting this just means the cost is already included. With our sail blinds this installation process is relatively quick and simple and we help you every step of the way. There are 3 steps to complete and for an average size space it will take you 4-5 hrs to complete all 3 steps. You can save 15-25% by doing this bit yourself.

For an average conservatory full roof solutions start from just £1500 for DIY installation in a solid colour fabric with marine grade stainless steel fittings. If you opt for interest free credit this would be less than £125/month

To get a quote for your space simply:
1. Identify the shape of your conservatory
2. Select the correct form and measure the overall dimensions
3. Take 4-5 photos

You can complete this online in 10-15mins and get a free no obligation quote the next day – No appointments and no hassle.

Why choose InShade

Energy efficient
The sail surface reflects the fierce heat of the sun while the internal structure allows soft natural light to diffuse through.
Premium Quality
Every solution is designed by experts, made in the UK from premium quality materials and backed by a 5 year warranty.
Maximum Value
Save money without compromising – we make it easy to get the best solution at the lowest possible price – full roof solutions from as little as £1500.

Cooler in the summer

InShade roof blinds are made from a high performance solar control fabric designed specifically to meet the needs of residential conservatories. Our unique ISX fabric reflects away more heat than traditional pleated roof blinds and lets in twice as much light.

InShade DIY roof blinds are simple to install and work with all roof types, controlling heat and glare while keeping your space open and bathed in diffuse, natural light.

The only roof blind you can install yourself
Enhance the look and performance of your polycarbonate roof with InShade DIY sail blinds

Warmer in the winter

Choose high performance conservatory roof blinds – in the winter our ISX fabric reflects radiant heat back into the space to help keep your room warmer. It also reflects light from internal lamps to create a warm cosy feel.

Radiant heat reflection works best with under floor heating, hot water radiators, infrared panels and wood burners.

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