Victorian P (right) Survey

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Victorian P (right) - survey form

Plan Dimensions:

The most important dimensions are the overall length and width of the space. Measure the width (X1) from facia to fascia and the length (Y1) from the face of the house wall to the fascia.

Y2 is the length of the lean-to section, measure Y2 from the house wall to the fascia.

Y3 is the length of the side wall. Measure Y3 from the face of the house wall to the start of the first corner.
X2 is the width of the Victorian section. Measure X2 from fascia to fascia.

X3 is the width of the front face. Measure X3 between the two front internal corners.

See image for guidance.

Height Dimensions:

In order to work out the full area of the roof we need the vertical dimension to the bottom and top of the roof. Measure H1 from the floor to the top of the fascia and H2 from the floor to the underside of the ridge.

Ridge Length:

Measure from the centre of the capping piece to the wall. If you have a light or fixture here measure from the middle of that to the wall and be sure to include an extra photo of this.

Additional Dimensions or Info:

Use the final section to provide dimensions of any large box outs that may affect the design.

If you want you can also include dimensions for opening windows, lights or fans but we will also cover this later in the process if it is required.

Photos of your Space:

In order to progress with your enquiry we will need at least 6 photos of your space, 1 or 2 photos of the outside, showing the overall shape & 4-5 photos showing the roof from the inside. The photos should show important items like opening vents, the end of any tie bars or anything else you feel is relevant.

Ideally the photos should be taken during the day and be large enough for us to see the details (1-3MB is a good size for this).

Click the 'Choose Files' button and then drag and drop the images into the box or upload straight from your tablet or mobile device.