A great new commercial shade sail installation keeps office workers cool!


We have recently completed the blinds manufacture for a large commercial installation, supplied for a partner reseller – Gower SailShades.  The roof blinds installation, in a large office building in Maidenhead, Berkshire was primarily commissioned to reduce heat and glare to a large atrium structure at the heart of the office which is used as a canteen, for casual meetings and as a break out space.

Despite the atrium area being fully air conditioned, it was still getting unbearably hot during the summer months.  The sails have been designed to reduce the heat in the space, thereby reducing the need for air conditioning and, therefore the cost of air conditioning by around 50%.  The roof shades will create a comfortable temperature year round as well as eliminating the glare from the sun in the summer months.  It was important that the atrium continued to be a light filled, welcoming space and the installation of the sails has achieved this beautifully.

An additional benefit of the sails will be to act as acoustic panel absorbers and reduce the sound reflection off the glass, echo and general noise which can be a problem in such a large open area.

Amongst the other solutions the client considered were motorised roof blinds but the cost of these turned out to be prohibitive as well as the ongoining maintenance liability.  The sails can simple be removed and washed when needed without affecting their fire retardancy.

In-Shade sails are suitable for a wide variety of commercial installations – for more information, please complete our contact form or call us on 01786 450083

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