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General Questions

What are the sails made of?

InShade sails are made from our unique ISX stretch fabric which is heat tested beyond 70 degrees centigrade. ISX uses a high grade polyester stretch fabric designed by us and made in mills right here in the UK.

What colours do you make the sails in?

We supply our InShade ISX sails in 5 standard colours White, Ivory, Sand, Oyster & Stone. Our standard colour range ISX sails are supplied in solid colour. We also offer our InShade ISX sails in 5 duplex colours, Oyster, Sand, Stone, Ocean & Forest. Our duplex sails are supplied with your chosen colour on one side and white on the other.


Can you make the sails in standard sizes?

No. All of our sails are made to measure and for good reason. Custom made sails allow us to put together the perfect design to suit you space, requirement and budget.

How long do the sails take to make?

Once we have all the dimensions we need to make the sails we can manufacture them in as little as a week with our express option (£24 extra per sail) or in 2 – 3 weeks with our standard service.

Do they come with a guarantee?

InShade ISX sails are supplied with a market leading 5 year warranty 

Can I return the sails if I don’t like them?

We work hard to make sure the size, shape and configuration of your sails is right before we manufacture them. Our warranty offers full protection against any defects or manufacturing issues but we cannot accept returns on made to measure sails.

How do you deliver the sails to me?

Once your sails are ready we can ship them to you the very next day or on any day thereafter, it’s up to you.

Sails Fittings

What are the fittings made of?

All of our fittings are unique and made of marine grade stainless steel that will never fail.

How big are the fittings?

Our standard fittings comprise of three components, eye plate, jaw hook swivel & self-tapping screws. The image below gives you an idea of the mm size of each of the standard components. We also offer a variety of adaptive fittings for tie bars and capping pieces as well. 

Do you make the fittings in different colours?

We supply our standard fitting kits in a stainless steel finish. We also offer White and Brass finishes as an upgrade option.

How do the sails fit into place?

InShade sails are easy to self-install and maintain. Once the eye plates are fixed the sails are simply stretched between each plate using our unique jaw hook swivels. The sails can then be easy removed for machine washing.

Do the sails hang or droop?

No, InShade sails are made of a unique stretch fabric and should have a nice wrinkle free smooth surface once installed.

Sails Blinds Characteristics & Usage Guidelines

How much cooler will the sails make the room?

The short answer is a lot. InShade ISX fabric has been specifically engineered to be highly efficient at reflecting the suns energy, filtering out glare all while being a lightweight stretch fabric. Every space we shade is unique in size, sun issue and design requirement and we take all of these things into account when putting together a sails design.

Will the sails darken the room?

Not as much as you might think. Our ISX fabric allows lots of natural light to filter through the fabric keeping your space light and airy. Our sails let in 3 times more light than pleated roof blinds.

What temperature can I wash the sails at?

InShade sails can be machine washed at 30 degrees. We recommend using a non-bio powder or liquid with no added fabric softener.

Can I use an in wash stain remover?

No, most marks will simply wash out during the standard washing cycle. Please contact us with any specific stains that you cannot remove.

Sails Blinds Resellers Near Me

Can someone come out and see me?

Yes, we offer InShade to customers in a simple DIY format with a self-fit guarantee but, for customers who want a fully fitted service we have set up a network of accredited local partners who can come out and measure your space and fit your sails.

Do you have any local resellers?

Yes, we have a large network of local partners who can be found on our product site here.

Where can I go and see the sails?

We have a range of showrooms and show sites and these can be found on our product site here.