Looking After Your Blinds

In terms of caring for your sails we have made the process simple and easy to follow. There are no specialist cleaning agents required and they can be washed in a standard domestic washing machine. Simply clean your sails once or twice a year to remove any dirt and dust.

Removing dead flies and other insects before they decompose prevents stains. Unlike traditional blinds where the flies get trapped and are almost impossible to remove with sails you can simply unclip one corner give it a quick shake and the flies simply fall to the floor where you can vacuum or sweep them up.

Over time dust and dirt builds up on a blind and blocks the solar reflection that helps to keep the room cool. With InShade sails you simple unclip them and pop them in the washing machine to restore the look and performance. The sails should be washed at thirty degrees with a mild non- biological powder or liquid detergent. Once they are washed they can be simply placed back into position and allowed to dry naturally.