Just how hot can your conservatory get?


Just how hot can your conservatory get?  The answer to that question is very, very hot!  In fact, when the sun is shining, it is possible for the temperature at the top of your conservatory to get to a staggering 70 degrees centigrade which is hotter than the surface temperature of the hottest desert on the planet.  No wonder it can feel pretty uncomfortable in there in the height of the summer!    

There is no shortage of companies online promising to reduce the heat in your conservatory with products ranging from cheap, quick fixes like reflective window film to the more drastic solutions like replacing the entire roof!  The most common route for most people however would be to use conservatory blinds to reduce the heat and glare from the sun.  One of the major issues with traditional blinds is that, in order to effectively create shade in the space, they have to completely block out the sun.  Whilst this will create shade, and, to an extent, reduce the heat in your conservatory, these blinds can have the affect of making your conservatory a pretty gloomy place to be in the summer and somewhat defeats the object of having a lovely light filled space! 

InShade sail blinds are a modern alternative to the traditional, pleated or pinoleum style blinds which act to reduce the heat in your conservatory rather than simply blocking the sun.   The three steps to controlling the heat in your conservatory are, creating shade, reducing heat gain and improving ventilation.  Creating shade with a high performance solar fabric, such as our ISX solar control fabric will reflect some of the direct heat from the sun.  Our best selling white shade sails offer the greatest reflectance values (around 73%) whilst still allowing 23% light transmission.  This effectively creates shade and reduces heat gain whilst maintaining light and allowing you to retain the benefit of a glass roof.  Increasing and maintaining ventilation will help to keep heat levels under control.  Ideally, you need to allow the hot air out at the top of the roof whilst introducing cool air through ventilation at low level. Our shade sails are fixed below the roof and do not impede or block the roof openings so ventilation can be maintained and controlled easily.  More traditional blinds tend to be fixed directly to the glazed panels in your conservatory roof which can make ventilation points more difficult to access. 

InShade sails offer unrivalled performance in solar control for conservatories and glazed roofs as well as looking stylish and creating a more homely feel.  They are available in a range of neutral and statement colours, are simple to self fit and can be machine washed at 30 degrees, with no other ongoing maintenance required.  For more information or to book a design consultation – click here.

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