We are approaching our ten year anniversary!

Our market leading shade sails were initially developed for commercial applications.  The first application was as a solution to glare in a specific area of the double height, fully glazed foyer.  Following the development of a highly effective solar reflective fabric, a patent application was lodged on the 15th of May 2006 for a stretch fabric ‘shade sail’ and the first ever installation of what would eventually become our ‘InShade sails’ was at Aston University Birmingham on the 22nd June 2006.

The available traditional solutions would have required covering most of the glazing with roller or pleated blinds, or attaching louvres to the outside of the building which would have also blocked most of the light.  The InShade solution targeted just the problem area keeping the space open and bright.

This solution was more cost effective, quicker to install and created a beautiful, sculptured feature in addition to providing the required shade for the receptionist.

What was initially designed as a temporary solution for 6 months proved to be such a success that it remained in place for 4 more years, until the building was extended, which removed the requirement for shade in that area.  The product was subsequently further refined and developed to suit domestic installations where excessive heat and glare are a problem.  We have since that early design provided beautiful shade solutions for over 3000 customers all over Europe as well as internationally

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